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Tue Jul 8 12:18:11 EDT 2003

I am asleep this week.  I forgot the one thing I *do* know about DWJ and
the mustelids.

In a book of I think Tanith Lee's there is an occasion upon which a couple
frolicking carnally among the leaf-mould so stir the scenery that the
skeleton of a stoat rises from the ground and (I think) bites the girl.

Thog (for it was they, ie Langford and Barnett) found this passage, and one
or other of them (probabl Langford, it usually is) read it to Diana in the
bar at a convention.

She corpsed completely, and went about for some time thereafter muttering
"stoat!" with varying degrees of disbelief at intervals.  In fact, for the
rest of the five-day weekend, wicked and humourous other people at the
convention, noticing this, began to come up to her and say "Stoat!"
suddenly -- and every time someone did, she began to laugh again.

She now has a tile for use as a tea-pot stand, one of those ones with a
cork surround, on which is depicted the best stoat that could be found at
the time.  Actually I think it's a weasel, because its tail is brown to the
tip, but there it is, to commemorate the


And, Kylie, she does know ferrets at least a bit, because I remember her
remarking (on account of the stoat) that if you put a ferret into a
capacious pocket, it will simply flow out again like water.  So she must at
least have met one.

Does the failed shape-change in *Power of Three* count as being pro-ferret?
It's sort-of-ferrety.


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