Book-burning for fun and non-profit (was Re: HP review)

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Tue Jul 8 12:18:09 EDT 2003

>Minnow wrote:
>> In the end we put it into a metal wastebin and doused it
>> in petrol, that being what we had available, and threw
>> matches at it from a distance.  And the wastebin
>> was never the same again, it was all warped and bitter and
>> twisted and the Domestic Bursar made us buy a new one for
>> the university room it had come from.
>Mental image of the Bursar tasting the wastebasket and exclaiming "This is
>bitter! Replace it at once!"

Aaaaarrrrrrggghhhh....  Wash your mind out with soap and water!

She was a Great Woman, but I'm not sure I can really see her as a metal-eater.

My favourite occasion involving her was the one on which she took mild
exception to a friend of ours keeping a Vincent Series B Rapide in his
(ground-floor) room, and left a note on his door saying "Please remove this
machine from the your room" (she must have been agitated, she didn't
usually make that sort of mistake when she left us notes).

He sought her out and explained that so far from being a machine, it was in
fact an art nouveau coffee-table.

The following day he came back from a lecture and found another note: "I
have put a drip-tray under your coffee-table".

I did *like* her.


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