In defence of Mustelids (bad joke warning)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Jul 8 04:51:54 EDT 2003

> How do you tell the difference between a stoat and a
> weasel?
>> One is weaselly recognisable while the other is
> stoatally different.

I asked my son that riddle, and he replied: 'Don't be silly, Daddy! A stoat
is larger and has a black tip on the end of its tail.' The pedantry of the
young <sigh>.

On good mustelids - the weasel in Farthing Wood is shiftless and also shifty
(which takes some doing), cowardly and tone deaf - but basically on the side
of the good guys.

But mink! No one but furriers has a good word to say about them, and in the
only literary representation I can think of (Susan Cooper's _Silver on the
Tree_) they are definitely agents of the Dark.


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