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Mon Jul 7 08:28:23 EDT 2003

> >Certainly plausible. But the practice of 'potting' at rabbits and other
> >things that moved (remember, they held duels and shot at each other)
> I don't think so, much, not by Kipling's time.  Duelling had been illegal
> for more than fifty years by the time he was born, and the practice
> pretty-much ceased as well as being illegal not very long after the end of
> the Regency, as far as I know.

No, I mean Stalky and the rest of them at school. They shot at each
other-- that's how they managed to hit that VIP in the buttocks!

> Are you like me beginning to think of the food as described in *Witch
> Week*, by any chance?  :-)

Well, yes. Compared to the food at that school, what they serve in
American public schools is ambrosia. :)

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