Wind in the Willows

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Sun Jul 6 16:41:20 EDT 2003

> Didn't someone writer a book which tells this whole story from the stoats' 
> and weasels' point of view, incidentally? Which would certainly be relevant 
> to this discussion. Called Wild Wood, or something similar.

Fellowship Hall. I don't recall the author. I never read it myself. I so 
disliked WitW in the first place that I felt no need. A friend on mine who had 
always rather enjoyed the story -- despite considering Toad one of the most 
repellent characters in British children's literature -- did and found that it 
spoiled his oppinion of Badger, who on rereading Grahame came across as the worst 
sort of retired Colonial officer. Ready to bully anyone who knuckles under and 
with no real consideration of anyone outside his own narrow worldview.
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