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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 6 12:49:26 EDT 2003

>(Robyn, if you were to attribute quotes life would be made easier for those
>of us who don't eutomatically see what thread you'e in)

I could, but I never have been asked to before. I don't want to start a 
fight about it, but Minnow did choose to correct my behaviour in public.

> >Personally, I was far more put off by all the cat killing in Stalky, but I
> >suppose the determined rehabilitators have an answer to that, too.
>Well here's a good excuse for me to re-read Stalky!  I can only remember
>one occasion when a cat was killed and was made use of; generally as I
>recall it what they shot at was things they could cook and eat, because
>they were always hungry.  They were out after rabbits when either Stalky or
>M'Turk shot the cat.  And we were not given any account of the cat's death,
>merely presented with its corpse at a later stage.  (And then at a *much*
>later stage.  Was it the manner of its  burial that upset you, rather than
>the off-stage killing?)

I think there are two incidents. It's not a book I have cared to reread, 
for the stated reason. And pardon me for finding the use of a dead animal 
for a practical joke offensive. I suppose this says something about my pc 
politics, although being pc is not something I have ever been accused of 

It is interesting to me how this discussion has moved from saying people 
shouldn't make assumptions about Kipling's politics to one where every 
criticism of him can be defended. That's what I meant by rehabilitators.

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