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Robyn wrote in reply to I *think* it must have been Jenne? and me

(Robyn, if you were to attribute quotes life would be made easier for those
of us who don't eutomatically see what thread you'e in)

>> >So, I've come to my own conclusions about Kipling and politics, and I
>> >figure everyone else needs to too-- but I'm aware that most people see
>> >Kipling as jingoist and bigoted because that is what they were taught in
>> >school.
>>If his evil imperialist name was mentioned at all.  I think at the places I
>>was at they'd've washed our mouths out with soap if we'd uttered it.  I
>>never did understand quite why, if they'd read his books, they felt that
>>way, or why, if they hadn't, they felt able to judge him.  *sigh*
>Personally, I was far more put off by all the cat killing in Stalky, but I
>suppose the determined rehabilitators have an answer to that, too.

Well here's a good excuse for me to re-read Stalky!  I can only remember
one occasion when a cat was killed and was made use of; generally as I
recall it what they shot at was things they could cook and eat, because
they were always hungry.  They were out after rabbits when either Stalky or
M'Turk shot the cat.  And we were not given any account of the cat's death,
merely presented with its corpse at a later stage.  (And then at a *much*
later stage.  Was it the manner of its  burial that upset you, rather than
the off-stage killing?)

Any tips on where I ought to be looking for any other dead cats in *Stalky
and Co*?

I don't think it counts as "being a rehabilitator" to say that I really
can't see that an account of somebody other than Kipling having killed a
cat during Kipling's time at school (but in his absence) has very much to
do with Kipling's politics either then or at any later stage in his life.


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