Spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 5 23:07:12 EDT 2003

> >So, I've come to my own conclusions about Kipling and politics, and I
> >figure everyone else needs to too-- but I'm aware that most people see
> >Kipling as jingoist and bigoted because that is what they were taught in
> >school.
>If his evil imperialist name was mentioned at all.  I think at the places I
>was at they'd've washed our mouths out with soap if we'd uttered it.  I
>never did understand quite why, if they'd read his books, they felt that
>way, or why, if they hadn't, they felt able to judge him.  *sigh*

Personally, I was far more put off by all the cat killing in Stalky, but I 
suppose the determined rehabilitators have an answer to that, too.

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