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minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Jul 5 15:56:44 EDT 2003


>So we don't get the kind of thing I see in the
>Liddle article (and I'll use myself as the example of the person
>talking rubbish, having doubtless done far more than my fair share of
>same!):  "Hallie doesn't like the HP books for reasons I think are
>stupid, therefore I will  ridicule her, not for her stupid comments,
>but as completely bigoted or intolerant, or a book-burner."

Tsktsk, but ....  I thought you said you *were* a book-burner, Hallie!


You mean you aren't?  I'm disappointed.

(What's the emoticon for a Sulk, anyone?  Possibly with attendent Pout and

Speaking of HP reviews, or views, has anyone else read Howard Jacobson's
piece in the Independent today?  I think I prefer his style of trashing to
many I have seen.


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