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Sat Jul 5 02:41:37 EDT 2003

> > Well, in a general, theoretical way, I guess. On the other hand, Meg's
> > husband was a boorish, prosy prig, and I can quite sympathise with her
> > preference for the babies at that point in their relationship.
>Interesting. I remember _Meg_ as a prosy prig and John as a kind if
>somewhat overtolerant and a little uptight young man.

Overtolerant: prosy. Not much difference. I was thinking of two incidents, 
the first when he brings home the uninvited dinner guest on the day she is 
making jam (or whatever), and then makes comments about her housekeeping 
and appearance; and the other was when he refrains from criticising her for 
buying a new dress in such a way that it is clearly a criticism. In both 
cases, he is inconsiderate, boorish and holier than thou moralistic. I 
always hated the way he was always so obviously being tolerant of her 
"mistakes" and supposedly refraining from pointing out that he was a better 
person, and more mature and all that. If my husband acted like that, I'd 
hit him with my preserving jars.

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