Book-burning for fun and non-profit (was Re: HP review)

minnow at minnow at
Fri Jul 4 06:59:42 EDT 2003

>Hallie (who has burned a book, and joked about it, what's more.  :)
>But only because it wasn't done *that* way.)

I once burned a book because it was so very badly edited/bowdlerised (aka
"abridged") that I didn't feel it would be right to encourage anyone else
to buy it, even for 6d in a charity shop, because they were as I had been
misled into thinking that it was what the author had written. (It didn't
mention that it was abridged.)

It was amazingly difficult to do, because we didn't have a bonfire
available and had to try to get it to burn all on its own.  In the end we
put it into a metal wastebin and doused it in petrol, that being what we
had available, and threw matches at it from a distance.  And the wastebin
was never the same again, it was all warped and bitter and twisted and the
Domestic Bursar made us buy a new one for the university room it had come

A lesson to get a shredder, rather than be traditionalist about these
things, I think.  :-)


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