HP review

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Jul 4 06:09:29 EDT 2003


>	And yes, it's a strong kind of fun, but I strongly believe that
>it's a good kind of fun to have. Once things like book burning become
>something we cannot joke about, my reading of history suggests to me that
>book burning becomes all the more likely.

Well, yes, except that the HP books already *are* being burned. 
That's why I felt this was unfair.  If Liddle felt that Adams was 
talking through his backside, fine, just ridicule him for his stupid 
or unjustified argument.  But it is different to say 'you're making 
what I feel are stupid criticisms about these books, therefore I'll 
group you with the extremists who are calling for the books to be 
banned/burned/censored'.   When those extremists are so frighteningly 
much in evidence in society.

Hallie (who has burned a book, and joked about it, what's more.  :) 
But only because it wasn't done *that* way.)

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