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Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at math.sunysb.edu
Thu Jul 3 19:46:01 EDT 2003

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Anna Clare McDuff wrote:

> action to me. It maybe the old academic blood stirring in my veins but I
> personally love seeing if cases can be made, there's a thrill to seeing
> how a marxist reading of Harry Potter could pan out, or a queer theory
> one, or a christian reading or whatever viewpoint takes your fancy really.
> I just get itchy when books are *denounced* for being ideologically
> suspect.

	Oh, it's well after midnight now so I really should go to bed, but
I just have to add here a restatement of my problem with the Adams
article:  I think it's factually wrong & not borne out by the evidence
available from the books. I think you probably could make out a very good
class-based critique of the Potterverse, I just don't think he's done it.
In fact before HP5 came out I might have been lining up with the rest of
the theorists to give you mine, but the new info from the new book has
blown my class based analysis to bits & it's going to take me awhile to
formulate a new one! But I don't think Adam's critique (which was
published before he'd had a chance to read book 5) was even valid with the
old canon. He's just wrong about a variety of things, and also as I said I
realy didn't follow his reasoning about the one nation conservatism
thing... But I'm not saying that a logical, evidence based case saying
that the Potter books are conservative, or radically left wing, or green,
or libdem or whatever is impossible, or that such cases would be Bad
Things, I just really don't think much of his arguments.


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