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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 3 13:11:56 EDT 2003

>(*) By the way, while I found the Adams article plausible in many ways, I
>did take exception to some of his tactics, particularly his insinuating
>attempt to link JKR to support for apartheid by way of her fondness for
>imperial weights and measures!

The Adams perspective is not new; every time a JKR book comes out, someone 
does this particular critique. I thought the "queer" article was a lot more 
original. The thing about those "Rowling is a racist/classist" articles 
that I find really narrow is that they don't ever look at the context of 
children's literature and Rowling's popularity. There are plenty of PC 
books out there, but kids (and other readers) really hate having the 
message preached at them at the expense of the the story. I think it is 
ludicrous to call Rowling a racist; it ignores the whole theme of the 
books, that making judgements about people's heritage is wrong. What do 
they thing the mudblood/pureblood/squib business is about, if not a 
questioning about race? Given that the books deal with these themes within 
their own context, how, exactly is realist multiculturalism supposed to fit in?

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