HP review

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Jul 3 06:17:58 EDT 2003


>	Speaking of HP5 there was an intelligent and provocative article
>in the Boston Phoenix about the subversive aspects of Harry Potter, even
>Potter-bystanders such as yourself might find it amusing! I really enjoyed

If you want provocative (and also intelligent, IMHO) you might have a 
look at this one.


But don't read it if your blood pressure won't handle HP criticism 
(in the negative, rather than literary sense), or if you can't stand 
the thought of social/political analysis of the books.  :-)

Some of the points are not that well argued, but I think it's an 
interesting contrast to the HP as anti-conformist argument in the 
Phoenix article, which I really didn't buy.  Anyone know if the 
Richard Adams was THE Richard Adams?


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