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Wed Jul 2 21:00:44 EDT 2003

Charles quoted Susan Cooper:

 'Americans in general seem not to harbour the 
sneaking admiration for the
eccentric that you will find in many parts of 
Europe. Sometimes, indeed,
they will not even tolerate him. Admiration is 
reserved for the man who in
all respects approximates pretty well to a 
wholesome norm; who has nothing
_odd_ about him.'

I replied

<I've read various reminiscences of people who
were bullyed in American schools which very much
bear this out. It always makes me glad to have
been at school in a culture where weird was an
available and even acceptable choice, albeit not
considered the best.>

Minnow said

Almost everyone I know in SF fandom seems to have
been bullied at school in Britain, up to and
including broken bones and permanent damage to
the senses as a result of violent exposure to
noxious chemicals....

I mean, I got ostracised for *reading*, how weird
can one be, we didn't have a telly, *foureyes!*

I didn't mean to imply that bullying doesn't
happen in British schools! Just that it is not
only something done by conformists to the weird
and it is possible to be strange and not picked
on. In the US examples I was thinking of I was
shocked at the way the bullying of an individual
had been colluded in by both staff and students
because certain kinds of people were seen as
inviting mistreatment by their inability to
conform. One poor woman even had teachers joining
in with the particularly foul name calling she
endured. And of course not all schools are alike
in the USA, Britain or anywhere else. 


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