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Wed Jul 2 17:09:08 EDT 2003

Caroline wrote helpfully

>> This is very kind, but I don't have access to them, because I don't have a
>> web-browsing capability on this setup (and please, everyone don't tell me
>> how I could get one: I also have neither broadband nor a large budget for
>> the phone bill, ).
>I believe you can get free internet access at the city library.  A bit
>of a pain for regular use, but it could be useful if there's anything
>you particularly want to follow up.  Plus it makes a good excuse to go
>book browsing...

It's a fine idea, but what I might save in money I'd lose in time, because
the round trip by public transport to the Central Library would take about
two and a half hours...  I'd only really be doing that if I went there
regularly anyhow, and I don't.  I go to the little local branch library and
they get books sent out to them from the Central.  :-)


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