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Tue Jul 1 16:45:11 EDT 2003

Rosie wrote:

>Could someone tell me what's happening about this, or else how to find
>out what's happening? I thought I had followed the instructions for
>subscribing to the special list, but something must have gone wrong as
>I have had no messages from it.

Nobody has said anything there for a while: if you send it something
yourself, does it come back to you?

But thanks for the reminder.  It is now July, and I shall start to get
together booking beds for the night for them as needs 'em.

This will be delayed: as well as my knee injury, a stretch limo decided to
move into the lane my car and I were in, on Sunday morning, and casually
wrote my car off (according to the garage to which I took it for an
estimate, I am not to drive it until they've taken the steering to bits,
and that might end up costing more than it is worth).  The combination
makes rushing about town a little difficult for a week or so until the
insurance has been sorted and the [unprintable yunrepeatable] little scrote
has stopped lying in his teeth about how he came not to see a car that had
been cruising next to him for some distance and side-swipe it without
apparently looking at all, and admitted liability.  Luckily there was a
witness in the taxi behind him, who stopped.

I am not in the best of tempers....  But I will do the sorting, just not
for a couple-three-days, or more likely at the beginning of next week.


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