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Tue Jul 1 16:45:10 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>Originally from:  Bristol.  But I grew up in Somerset (for you foreigners,
>Somerset is a county in SW England, and Bristol is just outside it to the
>on the river Avon.
>Actually, I think you'll find that Somerset is just outside Bristol! :-)

Ah, there speaks the true resident of the City and County of Bristol....

So did you ever acknowledge Avon?  The signs on the roads that said "You
are now entering the City and County of Bristol" never were taken down, and
where they'd been broken during the dreadful time Avon tried to swallow
Bristol, the Council blokes were out putting up new ones at midnight of the
day Avon was finally allowed to pass into history again.

Nothing if not stubborn, the inhabitants of Brigstowe.


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