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Tue Jul 1 16:45:08 EDT 2003

Jon wrote in reply to me:

What amounts to a list of website addresses.

This is very kind, but I don't have access to them, because I don't have a
web-browsing capability on this setup (and please, everyone don't tell me
how I could get one: I also have neither broadband nor a large budget for
the phone bill, ).  So if it's replying to me, telling me to look at
something I can't look at isn't an answer to what I have said, though it's
interesting for everyone else on the list and I ought to be glad to be
being public-spirited and causing you to pass on these details....

Sorry.  I am feeling very frustrated because I can't find out The things
you're sending me!  The rest of the list benefit is a consolation of sorts,

(Actually I'm feeling sorry for myself generally because I pulled a tendon
or something at the back of my knee on Sunday and it won't take my weight,
and I can't do *anything* much at the moment.  Self-pitying sniffle.  And
the school sports-physio bloke has no time for me till term ends on
tomorrow.  Yours with an icepack.)


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