feminism and fairy tales course syllabus

Anna Z Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Fri Jan 31 20:23:14 EST 2003

>    Irina
> (1) I hate it when people use my name when speaking to me. I wonder why:
> it's not as if I have anything against the name, seeing that I chose it
> for myself (and it wasn't any worse when I had my old name, the one I
> did hate). Anyone else here with that quirk?

I think I understand this one. When I hear politicians and tv interviewers
talk to each other ('well, Jeremy, let me just say blahblahblah burble') it
really annoys me. If people I don't know very well (officials etc., usually)
address me by my first name, I really don't like it either. It either sounds
patronizing or over-familiar- depends on the context- but it never fails to
make me bristle, and want to say 'that's Ms (or Dr., now!) Skarzynska to
Maybe it's because in Poland there is a clear division between formal and
informal forms of address, and you'd NEVER presume to call a stranger by the
first name. Indeed, the transition from one to another only occurs after
both sides consent explicitly.
But whatever the origin of my dislike of first-name overuse, it does exist.
I think I'd even find it annoying among close friends, too, so it's not
necessarily to do with over-familiarity.

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