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Fri Jan 31 16:44:54 EST 2003

>You might have missed the part where Gili said this was at Harvard.  I
>hope I'm not offending anyone on the list when I say that my lifelong
>experience as a local around here (and as an alumnus' kid) has taught >me 
>that Harvard thinks of not-Harvard as ... well, as Dorig.  (and man >am I 
>forcing the ObDWJ here)  Not that Harvard *people* are like that, >but it 
>is an institutional vibe.

My first response was to bristle at this, but in a way it's true.  As a 
member of the visiting undergraduate program at Harvard, I had two of the 
most exciting, interesting and rewarding years of my life, took excellent 
classes (and I've been enrolled at two other universities so I have some 
basis for comparison) met wonderful people who made wonderful friends, 
accomplished things I still cannot believe I accomplished - all of which 
encourages me to be very loyal to the institution. But I can't deny that the 
"institutional vibe" as Deborah puts it, seemed to be constantly trying to 
beat me over the head with my not being a REAL Harvard student, after all - 
no matter how good my grades were or how active I was.

Anyway, the particular class I mentioned (it was called "Fairytales and the 
CULTURE of childhood", not "Fairytales and the Art of Childhood" - I must 
have got it mixed up with Jack Zipes' book "Fairytales and the Art of 
Subversion"), really was overenrolled, and I think they were looking for a 
way of discouraging the auditors from attending at all in the hopes of 
somehow reducing the chaos, without having the heart to not allow auditors. 
I audited because it was clear my home university was not going to give me 
proper credit for the class, and by reducing the number of classes I was 
officially enrolled in I also significantly reduced the exorbitant tuition. 
But of course being an auditor allowed me to slack off and I ended up not 
attending the last lectures...

Hmm... ObDWJ? That while at Harvard I had the computer access to allow me to 
"meet" Deborah online, which is how I got on this list? (Plus we also almost 
met in person... but somehow this never worked out)

Gili Bar-Hillel
Tel-Aviv, tel.(03)5250014


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