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Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Fri Jan 31 16:01:59 EST 2003

On Friday 31 January 2003 17:49, Robyn Starkey wrote:

> >Though I will admit part of my frustration stemmed from the fact
> > that I was fighting an urge to monopolize all the discussions, when
> > in fact all auditors had been politely requested not to participate
> > in discussions as there were too many students enrolled in the
> > class anyway....
> This seems like the most bizarre request I have ever heard. In my
> classes, I am usually dying for more than one student who is willing
> to talk. What kind of arrogant assumptions were in place here? Unless
> there were a whole lot of fully enrolled students who were of the
> opinion of a charming colleague of mine who said "I rarely
> participated in class discussion as a student, because it usually
> wasn't up to my intellectual level".

It may have been a case of "give the others a chance"; the thing that 
usually keeps me from answering a class question, even if nobody else 
happens to know the answer. (And if I do answer, there's bound to be 
someone who starts gushing "you always know everything so well, Irina" 
(1) and discourages me from saying anything ever after)

Sorry, old rant; I finished that course last June and have a nice 
gold-embossed diploma with the signatures of at least three bishops to 
prove it.


(1) I hate it when people use my name when speaking to me. I wonder why: 
it's not as if I have anything against the name, seeing that I chose it 
for myself (and it wasn't any worse when I had my old name, the one I 
did hate). Anyone else here with that quirk?

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