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Fri Jan 31 15:39:36 EST 2003

>But if you think about it, ALL of them ignore rules, don't they? Harry, 
>Ron, all the Gryffindors, as mentioned by Kyla and Christian, but also 
>Hagrid, Ron's dad, Dumbledore (frex when he tells Hermione to turn back 
>time, despite its being one of the most dangerous bits of magic 
>imaginable), for starters.

you've definitely got a point. ron's dad gets punished for it, eventually, 
though. his rule breaking is not considered essential so he ends up getting 
caught. i mean, that's a cynical reading of the plot, but it's just a nasty 
way of saying what the truth of the harry potter universe is. for that 
matter, hagrid gets in trouble for it repeatedly (although he's vindicated 
for it as well, sometimes.) certainly even harry and ron and hermione don't 
view everything hagrid does with approval.

>And of course all the bad guys break the rules all the time too, but That's 
>Different.   The world seems to be set up so that those in power can't cope 
>adequately with the forces for evil without breaking the rules - yet nobody 
>seems to question the rules. There's something radically different between

there's definitely more to address this in the foruth book.

i dunno, now i feel like i'm overselling the fourth book. i recommend seeing 
for yourself.

then agian, everyone else on this list seems to read about 800 books a 
second. i barely read at all, so fitting HP into my schedule wasn't a chore. 
i don't really understand how to find recommendations for books (this is 
another topic entirely.) i like DWJ, i liked the megan whalen turner books a 
lot. where should i turn next?

>that and DWJ's sort of positive subversiveness that I can't at the moment 
>pin-point satisfactorily.  But I certainly wouldn't want to grow up if 
>everything I knew I learned from Harry Potter.

yes. i definitely agree with that. but in some ways the potterverse feels 
more like the real world -- i certainly didn't make any headway by being 
subversive in school. i think one of the reasons that DWJ appeals to me is 
that people get rewarded for the behaviors i got punished for. HP feels more 
real in that if you are strong and decisive you can get away with what you 
want to get away with -- if you're pals with the higher ups as well.


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