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>There was some article somewhere, or perhaps it was on another e-mail list
>I'm on, in which the non-positive aspect of Gryffindor was discussed, and
>I found it really interesting. Gryffindors tend to ignore rules right and
>left. Sure, it's mostly "for the greater good," but even Hermione is all
>"oh, we're not allowed to do magic on our own, particularly really
>difficult and dangerous spells? eh, whatever. We're doing *important
>stuff* here!"


>the point is -- harry and ron are actually outsiders to many of the 
>students at the school. even the rest of gryffindor can be quite 
>cold to harry depending on which way the wind is blowing. he 
>operates outside of the rules, although it's tacitly sanctioned by 
>dumbledore because of the Inherent Goodness of his actions, it still 
>is outside the norm of that world.

But if you think about it, ALL of them ignore rules, don't they? 
Harry, Ron, all the Gryffindors, as mentioned by Kyla and Christian, 
but also Hagrid, Ron's dad, Dumbledore (frex when he tells Hermione 
to turn back time, despite its being one of the most dangerous bits 
of magic imaginable), for starters.  And of course all the bad guys 
break the rules all the time too, but That's Different.   The world 
seems to be set up so that those in power can't cope adequately with 
the forces for evil without breaking the rules - yet nobody seems to 
question the rules. There's something radically different between 
that and DWJ's sort of positive subversiveness that I can't at the 
moment pin-point satisfactorily.  But I certainly wouldn't want to 
grow up if everything I knew I learned from Harry Potter.


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