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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jan 31 13:30:58 EST 2003

Hi Johanna, welcome.

> Has anyone else been disturbed by the whole house-elf
> thing? Like how it's treated like a big joke that Hermione 
> wants to get them better treatment--like just a nerdy Hermione-type thing 
> to do, that no one has to take seriously. And everyone goes on about how
the house
> elves are happy being treated the way they are, & such... echoes of
> American slavery rhetoric, anyone? 

Who was it on here who pointed out that a number of fantasy authors have
"happy slave races"? Mercedes Lackey's hertasi were another example. Once
you notice the dynamic it's creepy, isn't it. 
Katherine Kerr's Deverry books have a good touch- once or twice in the early
ones you get glimpses of "the serfs", as disregarded as slaves usually are
in fantasy. In a later book you see a city of people of serf "race",
descended from escapees, who distrust the protagonists because they are "the
 but since an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters must have an
infinite mass, the experimental setup would instantly collapse into a very
hairy, ill-mannered black hole covered in metal and ink.  
nyra on afp
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