Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 31 11:57:07 EST 2003

> > Well... there is that internal comment made that Christopher would have
> > probably have tended to bully the young Gabriel de Witt -- strictly for 
> his
> > own good, mind you -- if he had met him at school. And that he could 
> see that
> > Milly would have too.
>Except I think that there the term "bully" is used to mean "make do
>stuff," possibly. Like...oh, yes. Sophie bullies Calcifer into making him
>bend his head down. It's more of a boss-around thing, not a hazing
>thing. It could edge over into abusiveness, but I think it's more that
>Christopher and Milly are leader-type people, so they tell other people
>what to do.

I think this is a soft reading. Christopher has recently come to the 
realisation that he isn't very nice, or has been acting in nasty ways to 
the people around him. Millie has been quite imperious with Christopher in 
the past, and clearly has been in the position of being spoilt and pampered 
in the temple. I think there is more than just bossiness to the this 
comment. Although Christopher and Millie are being redeemed by their 
heroism at this point in the story, they are still pretty close to their 
horrible old selves.


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