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Kyla Tornheim kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Fri Jan 31 09:31:49 EST 2003

On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 johanna at nobrandheroine.net wrote:

> And, yeah, the fat people are always the bad ones.

Although Aunt Prunella, if I recall correctly, is stick-thin. 

> Although this comes through in a lot of YA fiction--even DWJ... I'm
> just reading Castle in the Air for the first time, for example, & I'm
> thinking of Abdullah's fat nieces. Bah.

Well...have you gotten to the end yet? I don't think DWJ is saying that
the fat nieces are *bad*; they're just not what he wants, mostly because
he wants Flower-in-the-Night.

> > too much that's overly simplistic. Names that say "Hello, I'm Evil" or
> > "Hello, I'm Always Picked On" have never sat well with me in books that
> > aren't supposed to be primarily funny.
> BTW, this made me laugh really hard. Thank you. :)

You're welcome. :^)

> Oh, & just a bit of background: I'm a fairly new DWJ reader; I read Fire &
> Hemlock a few years ago, but hadn't read anything else by DWJ as I was
> terrified that it would all be horrible in comparison!

Oh, no! I really don't think that's an issue, although you seem to have
discovered that...When you find time, I highly recommend...well,
everything, but Hexwood and Deep Secret are my two favorites, with Fire &
Hemlock a close third, so you'll probably like those. :^) [she said,
opening a can of worms discussing favorites again... ;^) ]

You will give someone a piece of your mind, which you 
can ill afford.

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