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On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 hallieod at indigo.ie wrote:

> feeling that everything was being written for an effect, rather than 
> because it was true in any way that mattered.  Harry's the underdog - 
> must build up sympathy for him, so we'll put the (fat and) evil 
> Dursleys in charge of him, and let him be sent back there through 
> book after book, so he can really suffer.

One thing I didn't understand was--Harry gets *away* from the Dursleys,
and then he goes *back*? Sheesh. They're abusive. I'm sure *someone*
(Dumbledore, McGonagall, this would be you guys) could have gotten their
guardianship negated or something. I always thought Harry should go live
with the Weasleys and pay for his room and board, which would solve a
number of problems all round.

> Melissa:
> >Heck, Hermione is the queen of textbooks and yet she's a
> >Gryffindor.  Which is why I'm not ready to discount the possibilities yet.
> But surely that's still consistent with the logic of really Good Guys 
> being the Gryffindor type, and right the way through, even as grown 
> ups, having less power than the Bad Guys?

There was some article somewhere, or perhaps it was on another e-mail list
I'm on, in which the non-positive aspect of Gryffindor was discussed, and
I found it really interesting. Gryffindors tend to ignore rules right and
left. Sure, it's mostly "for the greater good," but even Hermione is all
"oh, we're not allowed to do magic on our own, particularly really
difficult and dangerous spells? eh, whatever. We're doing *important
stuff* here!"

It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one 
has plenty of work to do.
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