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> > > The only one I can think of that doesn't [have bullying in it] is "The 
> > Lives of Christopher
> > > Chant", and I'm sure someone will give me reasons it could be seen as
> > > such.
> > 
> Well... there is that internal comment made that Christopher would have 
> probably have tended to bully the young Gabriel de Witt -- strictly for his 
> own good, mind you -- if he had met him at school. And that he could see that 
> Milly would have too.

Except I think that there the term "bully" is used to mean "make do
stuff," possibly. Like...oh, yes. Sophie bullies Calcifer into making him
bend his head down. It's more of a boss-around thing, not a hazing
thing. It could edge over into abusiveness, but I think it's more that
Christopher and Milly are leader-type people, so they tell other people
what to do.

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