: [Fwd: Bullying, DWJ, and Harry Potter...]

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 30 22:43:06 EST 2003

>My oldest daughter used to say that she wanted to be in Slytherin because
>there weren't any good people there, and they needed some good people.  We
>informed her that the only person who would think like that was a true
>Gryffindor.  :)  She still likes Slytherin because you have to be sneaky and
>sly.  I think there's evidence that something went wrong with that House
>long ago, and just possibly it needs to be put right, because most of the
>Slytherin characteristics aren't intrinsically evil, just easily warped.

I think this is an interesting perspective. One of the things the books do 
explore is the nature of community and belonging. Clearly there are a lot 
of Slytherins who go along with the crowd because they want to belong to 
the group. This is true of Harry, too. He's really happy to feel like he 
belongs somewhere. And in the fourth book, there schools as the whole work 
in the same ways as the houses when they cheer on the champions. Rowling 
never really lets her characters question whether their desire to be in the 
group (whatever it is) is a good or a bad thing, they are all so hung up on 
the desire itself.


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