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Thu Jan 30 17:03:42 EST 2003


>But you know what else?  THIS LIST is a book club.  Not in the traditional
>sense where everyone reads a book at the same time (though we do that
>sometimes) but when one person has read a book, there are usually others who
>want to talk about it.
>And Deborah:
>>  You know, I should install some collaborative learning software, and
>>  then we could schedule real-time book discussions.  ;)  And we could
>>  take turns leading class.
>As a new boy it's perhaps not for me to suggest this, but...

Hey, a new boy daring to make a suggestion?  Some bullying definitely 
needed to teach him his place!  ;-)

>Why not a 'proper' list book club? If that's not too OT? Pick a book a
>month, then discuss it on a given day - possibly using "collaborative
>learning software", or else just old-fashioned posts. It could be fun. Or
>would that be to take away the spontaneity of the thing?

If it was too OT, it could always go off-list, but the main problem 
might be finding something that enough people want to read AND can 
get hold of at the appropriate time, as we've what, five continents 
and counting?   I still think it's a fun idea though, and would like 
to see it explored.  Um - but what is collaborative learning software 
when it's at home?


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