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Thu Jan 30 13:12:14 EST 2003

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Megan Knight wrote:

> Speaking of translations...
> I am currently in Sweden (yes, I am freezing my ass off), and the University
> library (a thing of beauty, and a joy forever), has on prominent display in
> the new arrivals section TWO DWJ books, which, from what I can tell from my
> rudimentary Swedish, are Charmed Life and the Lives of CC.

I think there were some more that I family has spent a few
summers in Stockholm (where it's certainly not warm, but hey, anything is
better than Boston in August), and the second year there we realized that,
wait, they have *libraries* here, too! We don't have to bring books for
the entire month!

So we went to the library, and I think I found some DWJ in Swedish (not
that I could read it, but I was interested), and a really, really weird
selection of books in English. Luckily, there was a complete works of Jane
Austen, so I got that and _The Left Hand of Darkness_, and those (mostly
the first :^) took me a while.

Really, the point was that it was interesting trying to figure out what
the blurbs of the DWJs said in Swedish.

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