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Thu Jan 30 07:26:32 EST 2003

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 09:26:40AM -0000, Charles Butler wrote:
> As a new boy it's perhaps not for me to suggest this, but...
> Why not a 'proper' list book club? If that's not too OT? Pick a book a
> month, then discuss it on a given day - possibly using "collaborative
> learning software", or else just old-fashioned posts. It could be fun. Or
> would that be to take away the spontaneity of the thing?

Well, I'm not old here, but I think it would, indeed, take away the
spontaneity of it, yes.  For me, "assigned reading" would be too much
like a chore.  I already have piles of books to read as it is.  I tend
to read as the mood takes me.  (BTW, I've decided to give up on "The
Baker's Boy" -- I've obeyed the "50-page rule" anyway.  I'm now reading
"Radius of Doubt" by Charles Ingrid.)

I'm beginning to wonder about the nature of mailing lists.  This list
here, of course, is officially about the works of Diana Wynne Jones.
But what it really seems to be is a bunch of people who like the works
of DWJ, discussing both DWJ, other books they like, and anything vaguely
related.  But I think, from my experiences of lists, that this kind of
discussion can only really work with a list which has a long-time core
of people who are comfortable with each other.  There's only one other
list I can think of that I'm on that's like it, and *that* list recently
celebrated its 10th anniversary...

And I find it somewhat frustrating because I'm running a mailing list
(for discussing fan fiction) and while we had a lovely level of
discussion when it first started, nowadays it seems to be reduced to
sporadic posts of reviews (mostly by me).  And I haven't got a clue
what, or *if* there is anything I can do about it.  Spontaneous
discussion is spontaneous, it can't be forced... (sigh)

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