Bullying, DWJ, and Harry Potter...

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Jan 30 06:31:44 EST 2003

Denise wrote: 
> I know that DWJ treats this issue from the other side round 
> -- showing what revolting little jerks bullies of any sort can be -- in
> Week, but I can't remember what other books she did it in.  

There's Charmed Life, where Gwendolen has taken over Cat's life and he
doesn't even realise it until near the end. Power of Three- what's the nasty
cousin that causes all the trouble called? Dogsbody, with both the mother
and older son of the family bullying  the protagonist. (And the cats pick on
Sirius until he starts talking to them). Hexwood- the hand of Reigners-
though it may be closer to torture than bullying.
Other than DWJ, there's a cousin who bullies Aerin in The Hero and The Crown
(and Aerin cuts her eyelashes off in retaliation). A gang of teenagers runs
a protection racket in Joan Aiken's Midnight Is A Place. I can't think of
others offhand but I'm sure there are many.
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