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Jon wrote:

>Not to mention "8 days of Luke" which is all about

Fancy, that one hadn't occurred to me, though of course you're right.

>Re Harry Potter - can't you get an advance copy to
>translate from?

That would be the norm, but nothing about the marketing of Harry Potter is 
normal. No advance copies for translators. A man recently paid about 30 
thousand British pounds for a one-page summary of the fifth book in auction 
at Sotheby's, needless to say that is *several* times what I expect to make 
translating the entire series! And the woman in charge of dubbing the Harry 
Potter films into Hebrew told me that as even Warner Brothers realize a film 
cannot be dubbed without some advance time, she received early copies of the 
films, on numbered and holographed tapes, with parts of the screen blacked 
out so that only the actors' lips could be seen.

Just to bring this back on topic, the translator of "Charmed Life" finished 
working on the Hebrew version nearly two years ago, and it is only now in 
print. Why? Because the only pressure to publish was coming from me and from 
her. When I called to tell her I had finally received my copy, she screeched 
in delight, and then told me that she had given up hoping it would ever 
truly be published. I wonder how long it will take them to publish "The 
Lives of Christopher Chant", on which I finished working the week before Roi 
was born - and he just celebrated his first birthday. My husband has just 
about finished "Charmed Life", now that it exists in his favored reading 
language, and is already asking for more...

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