Bullying, DWJ, and Harry Potter...

Denise DeGraf moggy at sonic.net
Wed Jan 29 19:23:02 EST 2003

I've fallen into an interesting discussion on another list about the way in 
which the Harry Potter books seem (to me at least) to condone bullying, in 
the sense that Harry & Ron are depicted as justified in mistreating their 
"friend" Hermione because of her bookish habits.  Some people are 
protesting that Rowlings is merely "depicting the sad reality" as if 
there's no option except to show the abuse as entertaining.  (Perhaps the 
bullies find it funny, but I didn't: I was treated that way growing up myself.)

I know that DWJ treats this issue from the other side round -- showing what 
revolting little jerks bullies of any sort can be -- in Witch Week, but I 
can't remember what other books she did it in.  Given the discussion is on 
a support group for adults & kids that are (due to neurology) almost 
identical to Hermione in the lack of social skill, preference for books, 
etc I'd really like to be able to offer more positive examples.  Ideas?

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