theses vs coups

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Jan 29 19:12:42 EST 2003

--- Margaret Ball <margaret at> wrote:
> > all this comparing PhD theses to third world
> country coups is quite 
> > offputting!
> Well, ok, it is a slight exaggeration. After an
> African coup you find 
> body parts in trees; after a dissertation defense
> you only find mangled 
> bits of your ego there.

For my wife's Master of Fine Art as well as a written
thesis she had to present an exhibition of her work
(in fact this is the major part of her work - the
thesis - although a full thesis - is described as a
"support document"). For her exhibition she had works
that included a sculpture comprising some two dozen
poles the size of small trees (in fact most in a
former life had been small trees) decorated with
fanastic creatures while another work included the
skeleton of a bird on a stick structure. So we can get
pretty close to the "bodies in trees" concept. She has
taken such a liking  to this idea that the rest of us
are continually telling her that she can't bring home
road kill to turn into art works. Despite that she has
persuaded me to collect the bodies of a number of
animals that we have found dead near our house - 2
swamphens, a snake, a fruitbat (hopefully not the one
the well known century was named after) and a wallaby.


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