J.V. Jones, Baker's Boy

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Wed Jan 29 05:06:32 EST 2003

Okay, while I'm asking questions about authors, I've been reading "The
Baker's Boy" by J.V. Jones, and I've been finding it hard to stick to.
It's so big and sprawling that it's sprawled all over the lounge and
fallen asleep.  What I mean is, I'm bored out of my mind, because
nothing is *happening*.  There are only two characters I'm interested
in, Jack and Melli, and I don't care a fig about all the plotting
elsewhere, I just want to know what happens to *them*.  But I have to
put up with watching the archbishop of Rorn eating plums, and so on.

What I want to know is, does it get any better, or should I just give up
on this book/author?

I think the reason why I coped with the big many-character nature of
LoTR is because all of the characters we are following the storylines
of, are good guys; hence, sympathetic.

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