Harry Potter and the Solstice of Doom

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 29 04:29:58 EST 2003

The moment the press statement about June 21st was released in Israel, the 
Israeli publishers took it upon themselves to issue a similar statement 
promising the Hebrew edition would be ready in time for Rosh Hashana, which 
is late September. Seeing as the publishers need at least one month solely 
for printing and distribution before the book officially goes on sale, this 
gives the poor little translator - whom the publishers also named in person 
in said press statement - TWO MONTHS to translate and proofread an 800 page 
book. It took almost five months of very hard work to translate "Harry 
Potter and the Goblet of Fire", which was shorter. I simply cannot work much 
faster than that. The publishers are aware of this and will not bind me to 
that date in the contract, or so they've said, but have also hinted that in 
interviews I should keep up the charade... so that come September, I can get 
nasty personal feedback from readers about how "long" it is taking me to 

Gili Bar-Hillel
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