Sharon Shinn (was Re: What I've read lately)

Abe Gross argross at
Wed Jan 29 01:38:17 EST 2003

Kathryn wrote:

> If she's so good, I'd really like to know which books she's good in.
> Besides "Jenna Starborn" the only other thing by her I've attempted to
> read was "Heart of Gold" and I hated that one so much I couldn't finish
> it, basically because the heroine started off in love with an utter
> utter bastard whom I couldn't stand, so I didn't have much sympathy for
> the heroine either, and the society, well it felt like it had been made
> up for the express purpose of talking about racism and sexism... (sigh)
> So tell my why I should bother with this author that so many of you
> love?

Well, you need not bother with anything just because someone else likes it,
of course. But...I don't think that Shinn is a great writer on the level of
DWJ, Willis, et al, and perhaps there was some exaggeration in my voice
because I was so disappointed in _JS_. But I did love two of the Archangel
books and _Wrapt in Crystal_. She is capable of delighting me, which is why
I was disappointed in her latest.


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