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On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Macrae-Gibson,R wrote:

> It seems a little odd to split this up between the 4 books, as the
> joy of it is all the extra stuff, and not just an A-Z of who's
> who. Also surely some entries are relevant to all the books, or
> more than one book?

If a name is mentioned in more than one book, the entry appears in the
Guides at the back of each book in which the name is mentioned.

On the other hand, if a name isn't mentioned in a book then there's no
entry in Guide, even if the name is mentioned in entries for names
that are mentioned. (e.g. the Guide at the back of DA had several
references to "the One", but I had to wait until Spellcoats to find
out who the One *was*.) This is one reason I think splitting up the
Guide was a bad idea.

The other reason is, of course, spoilers. I didn't realise at first
how much of the extra information in the Guides was from the other
books, so I cheerfully read the Guide at the back of C&C when I
read C&C, the Guide at the back of DA when I read DA, and so on.
This meant that when I read DA I already knew Mitt's fate in tCoD
(although I didn't realise it happened in tCoD, so I was
half-expecting it to happen in DA), and when I read Spellcoats I knew
more about the characters than I probably should have - and tCoD fell
rather flat, because a lot of the things that should have been new and
surprising weren't.

In one piece, at the end of tCoD, is the only place where the Guide is

> And I still feel better about thinking of them as 4 books, rather
> than a quartet!

Me too.

"The Dalemark Quartet is the name by which publishers refer to Diana
Wynne Jones' four novels set in the land of Dalemark."

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