Yay! And horrid teens.

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Thanks, Emma.
Margaret B wrote recently about touchstone experiences: theses, coups in 3rd world countries (surviving of) and bringing up of teenage daughters.
Do these people have teenage sons? I am quite sure they are worse.
Evidence: 3 days before my viva, my 15 yo got himself kicked in the face by some lout who'd tried to get money off him. Damage, though spectacular (black eye) was minor; my anguish was not.
Then, the day before the viva, he did not come home from school, and did not get in touch until 8.30 pm. His phone was off, and, bearing in mind the beating he got earlier that week, I was worried sick (this is me practising the English art of understatement. Frantic was more like it). His thoughtlessness managed to amaze me all over again.
I was told by several people that the little toad was in fact staggering around town, having somehow got drunk. 
Add to this his revoltingly rude behaviour every time I ask him to do anything vaguely useful, like housework, and his incredible resemblance to both Kevin and Perry...
Then there is the future. Those with daughters may worry, with good reason, that their little girl is going to get involved with some lout and/or get pregnant and end up bringing up a baby while barely out of nappies herself.
I worry that my son will get some girly pregnant, then they'll split up and I'll never see my grandchild again. This, I think, is worse. For me, anyhow.
Ah, the joys of parenthood...

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  Congrats to you and Bettina!

  Though I must say all this comparing PhD theses to third world country coups is quite offputting!  No, don't worry, I am still planning to do one (later on, after I've recovered from my honours thesis!)

  Emma :) 
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