Harry Potter and the Solstice of Doom

EmmaComerford at aol.com EmmaComerford at aol.com
Tue Jan 28 18:48:41 EST 2003

>I kept forgetting to bring this up here...found out a week or so back and
>placed a library hold immediately (not being one to buy the books in
>hardcover, because it ruins the look of the shelf).  I'm amusing myself
>periodically by checking the status of that request.  The county ordered 600
>copies and I'm 135 in line.  It's up to over 700 now.  I wonder how high it
>will eventually go?

600 copies isn't too shabby! I just checked my library's catalogue and the 
hold list is now 145, with 16 copies ordered for the shire. 

I think I know what I'll be getting for my birthday in July...

Emma :)
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