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Can someone remind me what a "strong reading" is?



On Tuesday, January 28, 2003, at 11:22 AM, Philip.Belben at 

> Paul, quoting Rowena, quoting I forget whom:
>>>> What I'd like to know of those with earlier copies of Cart and
>>>> Cwidder is this: Did it always have that glossary at the back, or
>>>> is that new?
>>> No,
>>> My old puffin has the original text, which I lovingly typed out a
>>> while ago for the list, but no glossary.
>> That's such a weight off my mind, you have no idea.
>> It had been worrying me, in retrospect, that the C&C glossary
>> contained so many references to the events of _The Crown of Dalemark_.
> Not only does my parents' old Puffin contain no glossary, but my old 
> Mandarin (I
> think it was) edition - the one issued uniformly with the first 
> edition of Crown
> - also contained no glossary, although it had the text cut :-(
> (Last summer I got a 1st edition C&C for L10.50 in Hay on Wye, and 
> gave my
> Mandarin copy to the Church fete bookstall)
>> I get the feeling, though, that all four glossaries are extracts from
>> some complete-guide-to-everything-in-the-Quartet that has been split
>> between the four books. (I've mentioned already, I think, that I have
>> a matching set.)
> Not having seen them, I don't know.  But when Mandarin published the 
> four as a
> uniform edition, including the original Crown, there was a "Guide to 
> Dalemark"
> at the back of Crown only.  (I don't like the Guide anyway.  I tend to 
> take a
> "strong reading" (thanks to this list for introducing me to that term) 
> of a lot
> of what it says.)
>> If I'm right, the first edition of tCoD seems to me to be a plausible
>> place for this comprehensive glossary to have been published. Does
>> your copy of tCoD include glossary entries for names that are only
>> mentioned in the other books? (Bangalorolob? Lalla? Zwitt?)
> Yes.  (There's certainly an entry for Barangarolob, I can't remember 
> the other
> two offhand)
> Philip.
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