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Abe Gross argross at bigpond.net.au
Tue Jan 28 06:11:09 EST 2003

> --- Abe Gross <argross at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
>  > _White Apples_ by Jonathan Carroll. People either
> > love or hate Carroll. I
> > hate it when he writes horror, but enjoy most of his
> > stuff. This is vintage
> > Carroll, except this time, he has an upbeat ending;
> > for once, things feel
> > resolved and whole and "right" in the end in a
> > Carroll book.

Jenwa replied:

> And it's supposed to be a trilogy!  The first book
> about the man, the second about the woman, the third
> about their child.  He's working on the second book
> now.  I am happy about this as I loved _White Apples_.

Ooh, I had no idea this is supposed to be part of a trilogy! I'm glad, too.

Did this novel feel similar to his recent other books, or did you feel there
was some departure or difference here?

> > _Remake_ by Willis: loved the concept and the love
> > story.
> I liked _Remake_, but have always felt that it seems
> very little like the rest of her stuff.  In fact, it
> tends to remind me of Pat Cadigan's books more than
> anything else.  Kind of strange.

I haven't read anything by Pat Cadigan, but this novel seemed to bear
Willis' idiosyncratic stamp to me: the running around in search of
something, the investigation of poular culture, and characters who are able
to stand back from popular culture. To me, it had a family relationship to
the other novels of hers I've read.

And thanks for your Pratchett suggestions also...


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