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Thanks for this, Dorian. It helps to know which ones would appeal to which
part of me! The Annotated File looks cool...


> I would say it depends to an extent on your tastes, but definitely avoid
> first three! ("The Colour of Magic", "The Light Fantastic" and "Equal
> Rites".)
> If you like witches and sly digs at NewAgers, go for one of the witch
> books - "Wyrd Sisters" is the first, though I'm inclined to think that
> "Witches Abroad" (which also plays with most of the classic fairy-tales)
> the best.
> If you're into noir-ish detective stories and tales of city life, try one
> the city watch books - "Guards! Guards!" is the first one, and I think my
> personal favourite might be the latest one, "Night Watch".
> If the idea of a cowardly wizard who runs away from *everything* appeals,
> try one of the Rincewind books, but not the first one, which is also the
> first Discworld book!  "Interesting Times", which also messes with
> stereotypes of China, might be a good one to try - it also includes the
> oldest barbarian horde in the world!
> Or if you like tales of Death (the anthropomorphic personification), there
> are several of those; the first is "Mort", though "Reaper Man" or "Soul
> Music" might be better starters.  My own favourite here is "Hogfather",
> which also pokes a lot of fun at Christmas traditions and tales.
> The Wizards of the Unseen University wander through many of these books
> several others; personally, I feel they appear to best effect in
> (which is one of my all-time favourite Pratchetts) and "Lords and Ladies"
> (which is about elves, and plays with "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and is
> rather cool too).
> Hope that'll help you find something to your taste!
> And when you do, check out the Annotated Pratchett File at
> http://www.co.uk.lspace.org/books/apf/index.html which explains a lot of
> references he uses in the books, some of which you will have spotted and
> some of which will be new to you and give you even more enjoyment!
> the latest half-dozen or so books have no annotations up yet.)
> Until the sky falls on our heads...
> Dorian.
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