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Well at least I don't have to rush out and buy another copy now. (Not that I don't want another copy, I just want an unedited one)
The glossary in my paperback of Crown does indeed cover topics & characters from all the books, and sometimes I prefer to read that instead of Crown, as I like all the extra snippets, and the way that some of the stories are developed. In that way I suppose it's not a true glossary, but that's what make it so good.
It seems a little odd to split this up between the 4 books, as the joy of it is all the extra stuff, and not just an A-Z of who's who. Also surely some entries are relevant to all the books, or more than one book?

And I still feel better about thinking of them as 4 books, rather than a quartet!


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On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Macrae-Gibson,R wrote:

> > What I'd like to know of those with earlier copies of Cart and
> > Cwidder is this: Did it always have that glossary at the back, or
> > is that new?

> No,
> My old puffin has the original text, which I lovingly typed out a
> while ago for the list, but no glossary.

That's such a weight off my mind, you have no idea.

It had been worrying me, in retrospect, that the C&C glossary
contained so many references to the events of _The Crown of Dalemark_.

> The only glossary I've got is the one at the back of the original
> paperback release of Crown of Dalemark. Is this the same as the
> one you've got, or does the glossary on the back of C&C refer to
> things only from that book, and not from all 4 of them?

The glossary in the back of my copy of C&C has entries only for the
people and places mentioned in C&C. Same for my copies of _Drowned
Ammet_, _The Spellcoats_, and tCoD.

I get the feeling, though, that all four glossaries are extracts from
some complete-guide-to-everything-in-the-Quartet that has been split
between the four books. (I've mentioned already, I think, that I have
a matching set.)

If I'm right, the first edition of tCoD seems to me to be a plausible
place for this comprehensive glossary to have been published. Does
your copy of tCoD include glossary entries for names that are only
mentioned in the other books? (Bangalorolob? Lalla? Zwitt?)

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