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On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 19:06:22 +0000, hallieod at indigo.ie wrote:

>>_Summerland_ is wonderful.  I thought, upon reading _Kavalier and Clay_,
>>that Michael Chabon used to be One Of Us.  _Summerland_ convinced me that he
>>still is.  Funny that it's being marketed as a YA title, because the
>>complexity of the prose and the plot make it entirely suitable for adults.
>>It reminded me of another author whose name I have completely forgotten, as
>>it's really late and I've read three books in two and a half hours, which
>>will go a long way toward turning your brain into a kneaded eraser.  I'm
>>sure it will come to me.  Something about naming conventions and whimsy and
>>high faerie magic.
>Has it come back?  This sounds intriguingly unlike what I imagine 
>_Summerland_ to be like, from the bit I browsed.

Unfortunately it hasn't, which makes me think I either invented it or was
combining several authors into one.  What's interesting is that _Summerland_
is FULL of high faerie magic that doesn't look like it's high faerie magic.
John Crowley could have written the same book and it would have come out
sounding much more elevated, but with the same plot and characters.  And a
lot of the names remind me of the kind of stories that have Puddleglums or
Meg Blacknails or...well, from Oz, for that matter.  (Not the continent.)
Just...read it.  Then you can see how deluded I really am, because it will
be nothing like what I've described.

>>What's bugging me is that one of the eligible titles is published by a very
>>small press in Canada or some other remote wilderness (just kidding, my
>>Canadian friends) and unless I can find someone here with a copy, or am
>>willing to spend too much money, I won't be able to get it in time.  And
>>it's the only fantasy title in the lot:  _The Dollmage_, by Martine Bates
>>Leavitt.  She's written another trilogy before this, she's gotten excellent
>>reviews, and I've never read a single one of her books.  I may spend
>>birthday money on them, regardless of the award deadline.
>Let us know if you do, all right?  It sounds very interesting.

I just ordered it.  I also went after the first three titles over ILL.  The
librarian was very helpful once he discovered that I'd a) checked to be sure
you really truly couldn't get them in the county system, and b) had my
library card number memorized.  My obsessive checking of my online record
has paid off.  :)  If they turn out to be wonderful, well, her next book is
due to be published this summer.

>>The clock in the corner of my screen says that it's actually my birthday
>>now.  Yay me.  31 years old today.  A very nice person gave me _Coraline_ as
>>a present.  And I think my mother-in-law stuck a book into the unusually
>>heavy package she sent--unusual, that is, for something that feels like a
>>sweater.  It's not really a birthday unless you get books.
>Happy birthday!  And if it's not *really* a birthday unless you get 
>books - I think that makes me - um - about 20 still.  ;-)  No, 
>perhaps that's not such a good idea.  I always give books for 
>birthday presents, so my kids will have no valid excuse for delayed 

My mother-in-law's present turned out to be a handbag crammed full of
lotions and soaps...very cool, even if it wasn't a book.  Now I have guilt
because it so happens that we share a birthday, and I haven't gotten her
anything yet.  Bad, bad me.  I should run to the antiquarian bookstore
downtown and find her a really old copy of _Pride and Prejudice_ to add to
her collection.

Two more books down, and I have a bet with myself that I can finish the
third before midnight.  Har har har.  If I could only find a way to be PAID
to read really fast....

Melissa Proffitt
(by the "no birthday without a book" rule, only 24--hooray!)
(I found a book on my shelf that I was given when I was 6.  _Charlotte's
Web_.  It's really falling apart.)

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