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Mon Jan 27 19:56:48 EST 2003

Robyn Starkey danced around singing:
>Okay, now I'm freaked out and suspicious. Why does no one but me like 
>Small Gods?

I haven't read Small Gods in a long time, but it was my first exposure to 
Pratchett and I remember enjoying it a great deal.  The commentaries on 
philosophy/philosophers were entertaining enough that I gave it to my 
boyfriend this past Christmas as -his- intro to Pratchett, as he was a phil 
major in college.

Then again, I like just about all of the Discworld novels.  (I didn't care 
much for Equal Rites in comparison to the others he has written, though 
it's still better than the majority of what I run across humor-wise in the 
fantasy category.  Not as good as DWJ, of course, but still nice for a lazy 

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